Global Cyberattack Hits 150 Countries

One of the largest cybersecurity attacks in recent history has affected computer systems in at least 150 countries.  A flaw in Microsoft software has been used by a group called Shadow Brokers to attack computers worldwide.   Authorities are still searching for the starting point of the malware known as “WannaCry”.   Europol, the official intelligence agency of the European Union, speculates that one of the first targets, the British National Health Service, was the source of much of the early dissemination of the ransomware virus.

A 22 year-old British cybersecurity researcher may have limited the spread of the virus with a $10.69 purchase.  The researcher discovered that there was a mechanism connected to a domain name that could turn off the virus once a ransom was paid.  He purchased that domain name and once activated, essentially turned off attacks on new victims.

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