Colorado Tops List of “Out-of-Pocket” Health Care Spending

The JPMorgan Chase Institute has analyzed healthcare spending trends between 2013 and 2016 in the 23 states where Chase has a retail presence.  The research has ranked out-of-pocket healthcare spending by family per state for each of these years.   Each year they found a wide variation in out-of-pocket spending across the surveyed states.

Colorado had the highest “out-of-pocket” spending in 2016.  It averaged $916 per family for the year, followed closely by Utah with $906 per family in 2016.  Connecticut, Texas and Oklahoma rounded off the top five ranking. The counties of Douglas and Boulder reported the highest out-of-pocket at $1,200 per family.

The two lowest average annual out-of-pocket spending states were California at $596 and Michigan at $601.

Read the report at JP Morgan Chase Institute.



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