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Posting of Prices for Common Hospital Diagnoses/Procedures – Now the Law in Colorado

As of January 1, Colorado hospitals are required by law to post on their website or make available in hard copy format, self-pay prices for the 50 most used diagnosis-related group codes and the 25 most used procedural technology billing codes.  In an effort to create more transparency in the system, Colorado Senate Bill 65 also requires physician offices and other health-care providers to post the self-pay prices for their fifteen most common procedures.

The Colorado Hospital Association in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, Division of insurance is in the process of compiling “The Colorado Hospital Price Report”.  The price report is a web-based consumer tool that will provide information for comparison purposes on average hospital charges for each facility and average reimbursement rates paid by insurers for those charges.  When completed, the report will include the 25 most common inpatient medical conditions and surgical procedures performed at each respective hospital.

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