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Colorado Responds to ACA Decisions by DOJ & Administration

Interim Insurance Commissioner Michael Conway released a statement from the Division of Insurance reassuring Colorado residents that they will still be eligible to sign up for health insurance even with pre-existing conditions.   Conway also assured Coloradans that “community rating” is still in effect in the State.

Both provisions are embedded in Colorado Health Care law and must be a component of health insurance plans offered to local residents.  The Division of Insurance will spend the summer reviewing individual and small group plans that will be available in 2019.

The release from the Interim Commissioner was in response to the Trump administration’s statement earlier in the month that it would not defend provisions of the ACA that protect consumers with pre-existing conditions.  This on top of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ letter to congressional leaders confirming that the Justice Department would also not attempt to justify the constitutionality of ACA provisions concerning the individual mandate, “guaranteed issue” and community rating policies.

Read more at the DORA.

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