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Physician-Patient Relationship is Critical to Healthcare

Much is made of embracing new technologies, such as artificial intelligence. Sometimes the human element is downplayed. The reality is that people are social animals, and the relationships they establish and nurture are critical. This is certainly the case when it comes to primary healthcare.

“My ability to get the best medical results for my patients is based on my medical knowledge, clinical skills, and the rapport I have with them. For example, knowing them – not just their medical history – but how they approach caring for themselves and their anxieties around health issues enables me to come up with the best course of treatment and motivate just about all of them to take appropriate actions. In my practice I put in considerable time and effort to build solid relationships with my patients that regularly translate into better medical outcomes,” says Jeffrey Friedman, MD, Director of Medicine at Community Health Associates.

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The analysts at The Beryl Institute recently released findings from research they conducted on Patient Experience (PX), including focus groups followed by online survey of 2,000 healthcare consumers in five countries.  Their report, Consumer Perspectives on Patient Experience 2018, reveals what patients really want and why healthcare companies need to pay attention.  They show that while those in the healthcare industry may be concerned with quality of care and extending compassion and empathy through the care they provide for patients, patients are looking for healthcare providers to acknowledge their humanity and change the nature of the interactions involved in clinical encounters to make them more human.

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