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Annual Events: Open Enrollment and Higher Premiums in Rural and Mountain Areas

It’s been common knowledge for several years that health care costs and insurance premiums are substantially higher in the mountain resort areas compared to Colorado’s urban markets. It is illustrated each year when Affordable Care Act offerings are revealed.

In many geographic areas only one or two health plans are available via the ACA. After the 2018 elections, lots of people tout the answer to the problem.

Democratic State Rep. Dylan Roberts of Eagle, is acutely aware of the need for change. Roberts last legislative session ran a study bill that would have funded a hard look at setting up a public insurance option, allowing people to buy into a state plan at competitive rates and hopefully then drive down the prices of the private insurance companies. He’s also focused on forcing increased transparency for prescription drug and medical procedure pricing.  Roberts’ efforts on both the transparency and public-option front passed out of the Democrat-controlled House but died in the Republican-controlled Senate last session. Now Dems have control over both chambers.

During the campaign, Governor-elect Polis advocated a “Medicare for all” system extending Medicare-style benefits to everyone, while also advocating a partnership with other western states to, as he puts it, “pioneer a groundbreaking regional multi-state consortium to offer a common-payer system in the West to reduce prices, expand coverage, and improve the quality of care.” Concrete plans have not yet been revealed.

Read more about the circumstances in rural and mountain communities cities and differing plans from US Senators Bennett and Gardner and Attorney General-elect Phil Weiser in Colorado Politics




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