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Colorado Lawmakers to Propose “Public Option” Plans on First Day of Session

Mountain communities along the Interstate 70 corridor have been particularly hard hit by few health insurance choices and high premiums.

State Rep. Dylan Roberts and Sen. Kerry Donovan plan to introduce a pair of bills on the first day of the 2019 legislative session that would direct the state to create a public health insurance option.

Roberts’ bill would instruct state agencies to create the infrastructure needed to establish a state insurance program and request federal approval. His goal is to provide the new option by 2020.

Donovan’s companion bill would instruct the state to immediately create a pilot program to offer a public option to counties that have limited insurance choices and face extraordinarily high premiums. If the bill wins approval, the smaller program would begin in 2019.

Individuals who want to participate would buy their health insurance from the state like any private plan. Providers would be reimbursed at similar rates to Medicare. Roberts said he believes the new option would increase competition and drive down rates across the state.

Look for the proposals January 4.

Source: The Denver Post



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