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New Day Dawns for Colorado State Government

Jared Polis became Colorado’s Governor with yesterday’s inauguration. Also sworn in were an all new slate of state officials. Attorney General Phil Weiser,  State Treasurer Dave Young,  Secretary of State Jena Griswold and Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera. All are now Democrats. Sworn in last Friday were the Colorado House of Representatives and State Senate, both with Democrats in the majority.

What that shift all means will be revealed as the days and weeks progress.

Governor Polis spoke in generalities in his inaugural address. Details are expected in January 10th’s State of the State address to the General Assembly.

What we do know today:

  • Lt. Governor Primavera will take the lead on healthcare related issues. She was well-involved in healthcare and insurance issues as a legislator.
  • Cabinet positions are being filled.  Michael Conway, Acting Insurance Commissioner under Hickenlooper is the Insurance Commissioner, Kim Bimestefer will continue as Executive Director of the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, Patty Salazar is the new Executive Director of the Department of Regulatory Agencies and Jill Hunsaker Ryan has been named Executive Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment.
  • Governor Polis’ web site is developing. You can follow the announcements at

Stay tuned, it will be an interesting year.



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