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Pharmacy Choice Bill to be Reintroduced at State House

A bill reintroduced this session by Rep. Marc Catlin (R-Montrose) would allow residences of the state to fill prescriptions at the pharmacy of their choosing rather than a pharmacy selected by their insurance carrier’s network.  Currently rural residents need to travel long distances to an approved pharmacy to get their prescriptions filled.  Colorado would not be setting a precedent with this bill, if passed.  Twenty-six states have already passed similar legislation.

The bill is being opposed by the group that will be most effected, the pharmacy benefit managers, who as the middlemen, control access, and the cost of each prescription filled.  They threaten that the dismantling of the PBM’s oversight will increase the cost of prescription drugs.  Catlin contends that breaking up the monopolies will have the opposite effect.

Medicaid patients in Colorado already have the ability to fill pre

Read the full article from the Durango Herald as republished in The Journal which serves the Four-corners area.




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