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Medicare Enrollees Target for Scammers

The Colorado Division of Insurance released a consumer advisory.  Medicare enrollees should be wary of advertising for back and knee braces.

Companies that sell the braces and other types of durable medical equipment (also called DME), are doing aggressive advertising in Colorado and across the country – on television, in newspapers, through direct mail, and even calling Medicare beneficiaries at home.  “These ads are designed to get people on the phone,” said Kimberly Latta, Director of Colorado Senior Medical Patrol. “From there, they want someone’s Medicare number, so they can bill for these braces or other equipment.”

If you think you need medical equipment, talk to your doctor who can assess your condition properly, write you a prescription and refer you to a reputable DME company that bills Medicare legitimately.

Everyone, including Medicare enrollees, should beware of any medical product or service that is mass marketed and claiming that Medicare or other insurance will automatically pay for it. Because some of these companies are calling Medicare enrollees in their homes, the Colorado Senior Medical Patrol (SMP) reminds people to be extremely cautious in giving out personal information over the phone, especially Medicare numbers.

To report suspected Medicare fraud or abuse, or something that just doesn’t seem right, call the Colorado Senior Medical Patrol at 800-503-5190.

Visit for more information or call 303-894-7855 / toll free 1-800-886-7675.



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