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What’s Next for the “Colorado Managed Care Newsletter”?

It is with pleasure that we introduce you to the new publishers of our Colorado news products, The Hertel Report.  Yes, the name does sound familiar.  The publisher, Jim Hammond, took over the Arizona part of our business in 2014 and named the Arizona product, The Hertel Report.  By way of introduction, they have share the following:

(*Note the invitation at the bottom of the article and join us at the ” Farewell State-of-the-State” on Tuesday, April 23 at the Wellshire Event Center.)

“The Hertel Report is excited to introduce itself to the Colorado healthcare community and learn more about its Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and commercial markets. Publisher Jim Hammond and Managing Editor Paula Blankenship are honored to continue Jim Hertel’s vision of providing news, policy updates and local industry market data and creating a collegial community of Arizona healthcare professionals. Since 2014, The Hertel Report has grown in quality and reach. For nearly 1,000 members it is the primary source for national and Arizona healthcare news and data. From its fully stocked website, Thursday News Listings, Monthly Hertel Report, data editions and State of the State conferences, The Hertel Report provides the timely, accurate and targeted information needed in Arizona’s competitive marketplace.

Is your market ready for The Hertel Report – Colorado?

The Hertel Report in Arizona has a current membership roster which includes hospitals, health systems, accountable care organizations, community partner organizations, policy makers and regulators.  We also support medical professionals, ancillary providers, pharmaceutical companies, home health agencies, SNF’s and other post-acute providers.  Regardless of where in the industry you sit today, connecting through the Hertel Report will help you prepare for tomorrow.

Arizona healthcare leaders tell us a corporate membership with The Hertel Report gives their leaders across the healthcare landscape another tool to increase employees’ engagement with our dynamic industry. We know that employees with easy access to targeted market information, national and state policy trends and industry best practices create a shared vocabulary that makes talking across operational silos, pivoting to the next big initiative and discovering an innovative solution a whole lot easier.

*After the State of the State, Jim and Paula look forward to meeting those interested in learning more about how The Hertel Report serves the Arizona healthcare community and our initiative to sustain Jim Hertel’s legacy in Colorado. We hope you can join us for the discussion.”

Contact Us or Set a Meeting: April 22-24
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Thank You For Your Loyalty.

HCCA, publishers of the Colorado Managed Care Newsletter, began reporting on the financing of healthcare in Colorado in December of 1983. As we begin our 35th year, we are grateful for the opportunity to be one of your sources of information in this ever-changing, healthcare market.