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Walgreens to Test Reusable Packaging

Walgreens and the Kroger Company will be the first U.S. retail companies to test a new reusable packaging platform from TerraCycle.   The platform is currently in use in 21 countries. A waste management company, TerraCycle, has developed an innovative approach to the disposal of hard to recycle waste.  Its intent is to combat waste at its source and create a circular shopping stream to keep the packaging out of the trash.  The Loop program is a greener alternative for the consumer and helps companies tackle the wasteful packaging expense and improve recycling infrastructure.

The Loop distribution concept is unique.  A consumer orders online either from Loop or directly from a  participating retailer.  They receive their durable products in a Loop designed shipping tote bag.   After use, consumers place the empty containers into their Loop totes and go online to schedule a pickup from their home.  Loop cleans the containers using cutting-edge technology so that each product may be safely reused and will replenish products as needed to the consumer.

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