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Bright Health Expands into Five New Locations

Minneapolis-based insurer Bright Health has announced plans to expand its operations into five new states over the next year.  The health insurer was founded in 2016 and currently does business in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Ohio and Tennessee.  After its most recent fundraising efforts which brought in $200 million, it announced its plans to expand into Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Nebraska and South Carolina.

Bright Health was founded by three health insurance veterans including former UnitedHealthcare CEO Bob Sheehy serving Bright as CEO,  Chief Health Officer Tom Valdivia, MD and President Kyle Rolfing  co-founders of Definity Health.    It operates on a  “Care Partner Health Model” that works exclusively with one health system in each of its markets to integrate care using a single partner.  In Colorado that partner is Centura Health and its Colorado Health  Neighborhoods .   This relationship allows for coordination of services and administration to optimize consumer and patient experience.





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