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Physicians Rank Highest in Suicide Rate of Any Profession

The rigorous work schedule and pressure faced by U.S. doctors have them “stressed to the point of breaking” and studies estimate that a doctor dies by suicide every day in the United States. Dr. Edward Ellison, executive medical director and chairman at the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, spoke at CNBC’s Healthy Returns conference in New York.

Ellison cited data that says 44% of physicians display signs of “burnout,” which is physical and emotional exhaustion that can lead to insomnia, lack of appetite and other mental health issues. He said a main reason health-care professionals begin to feel burnt out is they are often subjected to rigorous work schedules and forget about taking care of themselves.

Suicide rates aren’t high only among practicing doctors. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for medical students. Medical students are three times more likely than their peers to kill themselves, according to the American Medical Student Association.

That’s why fundamental changes are needed in the medical system, in both education and the profession, to reduce the stigma for seeking help and heighten mental health awareness.

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