A Change is Coming for Colorado Managed Care Newsletter

With the May newsletter, this “SnapShot on Health” edition and after 36 years, HCCA and the Hertel family will be handing the “little gray newsletter” to a new publisher. What they will offer is still in the planning stages, but be assured, you will be pleased.

Over the past three and a half decades and through many challenges, we’ve enjoyed the support and interest of so many of you as we worked to meet your information needs. You’ve watched us grow from a set of three-ring binders with information published annually into a web-based information source with newsletters and online news updates.   Thank you for your loyalty.  It has been our pleasure to be one of your sources for health care news.

By way of introduction to the new publisher, Jim Hammond took over the Arizona part of our business in 2014 and honored our founder, Jim Hertel, by naming his company “The Hertel Report.”  He and his managing editor, Paula Blankenship, have continued and expanded our health care information products and the “State-of-the-State” events in Arizona since the transfer. It is their goal to have both “The Hertel Report – Arizona” and “The Hertel Report – Colorado” in the future. They are committed to providing accurate, impartial, timely and solutions-focused content from trusted resources for Colorado as they do for Arizona.

Thank you, once again, for your loyalty.   We would not be able to boast 36 years without you! We wish you the very best and much success in keeping Colorado healthy in the years to come.

Some background on the new publisher “The Hertel Report”.

Read the Back-Story of Jim Hertel and Jim Hammond.



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Thank You For Your Loyalty.

HCCA, publishers of the Colorado Managed Care Newsletter, began reporting on the financing of healthcare in Colorado in December of 1983. As we begin our 35th year, we are grateful for the opportunity to be one of your sources of information in this ever-changing, healthcare market.