What We Do

Celebrating our 30th year in 2013, HEALTHCARE COMPUTER CORPORATION OF AMERICA (HCCA) is an information firm that has provided marketplace information to the healthcare industry since its founding.

HCCA is the publisher of the Colorado Managed Care© newsletter.  Twelve times annually, the newsletter provides an up-to-date accounting of local and national healthcare news in a concise one-page front/back format. The emphasis is on local news.  The newsletter is designed to keep our readers informed on issues of importance in a format that is easily read.   Weekly email digests keep readers updated on issues that deserve their attention.

Twice annually, HCCA hosts topic-based breakfast programs known as The State-of-the-State of Healthcare Financing, which bring together key industry players to discuss issues of importance to health care professionals.  The diversity of the health care leaders in attendance makes the State-of-the-State events a unique opportunity to share ideas and learn from one another.

Our website received a facelift in our 30th year.  Newly designed navigation allows our subscribers to view:  TOP OF THE DAY news stories, calendar of events, research studies, resources, archives of newsletters, and comings and goings with ease. News of interest is updated on the website frequently during the week and a reminder to check the website is emailed to subscribers once each week.



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Thank You For Your Loyalty.

HCCA, publishers of the Colorado Managed Care Newsletter, began reporting on the financing of healthcare in Colorado in December of 1983. As we begin our 35th year, we are grateful for the opportunity to be one of your sources of information in this ever-changing, healthcare market.