Our History

In 1982, Jim Hertel joined colleague Curt Barker in a managed care consulting venture, the HealthCare Computer Corporation of America.  Curt left the venture, while Jim continued to consult with key health care companies throughout the United States for the next 10 years.

In 1994, HCCA  began a fulltime focus on publishing data of interest to the Colorado healthcare industry with two key annual publications:  the Directory of Managed Care© and Competitive Analysis of the Healthcare Marketplace©.  Jim’s understanding of managed care market analysis became the foundation for these popular data resources.

In September 1994, the first issue of Colorado Managed Care© newsletter was published, tracking and reporting on events, market changes and the people of healthcare.   In 1995, HCCA expanded into the Arizona market and published its first directory covering the healthcare industry the following year.  The Arizona Managed Care Newsletter© followed in the spring of 1997.  The newsletters continue to be published monthly in both markets, although Arizona Managed Care Newsletter© has been renamed The Hertel Report and is now independent published.

HCCA began a series of State-of-the-State of Healthcare Financing” seminars for its newsletter readers to reinforce the company’s commitment to single-state-focused news and strategic information for health leaders.  For both markets, the first of these semi-annual events was held in 1999.   Their popularity continues to draw large gatherings of colleagues.

With the rejuvenation of our website in our 30th year, HCCA continues to evolve with our commitment to provide ever-increasing value to our subscribers and sponsors. 



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Thank You For Your Loyalty.

HCCA, publishers of the Colorado Managed Care Newsletter, began reporting on the financing of healthcare in Colorado in December of 1983. As we begin our 35th year, we are grateful for the opportunity to be one of your sources of information in this ever-changing, healthcare market.