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Jim Hertel

For more than 25 years, Jim Hertel was the “go-to guy” whenever an industry professional wanted historical background or a media source needed a quote from a healthcare expert.  His photographic memory forgot little; whether it was a face, a fact or a rumor that bore further investigation. He had a network of contacts in the healthcare industry that would be difficult to duplicate and served as an invaluable resource to him in writing the newsletters.  He knew most every decision maker in Arizona and Colorado and they knew him.

Jim, also, had the uncanny ability to ask a probing, sensitive question without making the person who was asked feel threatened or defensive.  He mastered the ability to take diverse ideas, analyze them, and then expand upon them to reveal their implications in a greater context.  He coined it: “connecting the dots”.

Jim passed away suddenly on July 1, 2010.  HCCA carries on in his absence with the help of many.  We are sure all who knew him would agree…Jim would be in his element right now. With the chaos surrounding the current state of healthcare financing, you would have heard about it.   We miss you Jim.

“When information from previously unrelated sources is structured in a meaningful way, human beings are capable of  thinking thoughts that were previously unthinkable”

                                                                                                                    Albert  Einstein



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